Experience your dream home… even before it is built!

I am sure we have all dreamt about our dream home, from beach view homes to striking architectural homes on a corner block, whatever it may be that you desire, we have all imagined it at one point in time. But what happens if I told you that you could experience and see your dream home, even before it is built? I guess you are probably thinking “but how?” – and that is all thanks to the amazing technology our world has to offer, 3D virtual reality.

What is 3D Virtual Reality?

3D Virtual Reality allows you to experience your interior space plan. With 3D you can simply walk around and experience the home you once imagined, going from room to room, turning around, and experiencing how your thought-out home will look in 3 dimensions and 360 degrees. Imagine how much less stress you will have over managing your construction project?

Using Virtual Reality

At Strength Group we are all about innovation and finding new methods and ways that makes our client’s journey with us as efficient as possible. Therefore, we have invested in 3D Virtual Reality technology with our architectural design and interior projects. We can show you exactly how your development or home will look like when it is completed, this includes the materials, furniture, space, and any other details!

Why is Virtual Reality a great investment for your project?

Sometimes floor plans and drawings can only do so much when it comes to seeing what your project will turn out to be. This is because drawings are presented in 2D and it is left to you as the viewer to try and understand this information in a 3D way. With Virtual Reality you no longer need to use your imagination to guess how your project will look, our 3D Virtual Reality design will do all that work for you.

What are the other benefits of VR in Architecture?

  • Changes can be made in real time where you can see the result.
  • A lot of time is saved from going back and forth with your Architect over 2D drawings.
  • You and your family can see the same result, rather than a family member who is more experienced with plan reading having to convey information to other members.
  • The main experience that VR brings is that we can bring exact details to your project, rather than showing you floor plans and inspiration photos to convey the same information.

Would you like to take part in our immersive 4D experience?

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