Property Services

For our Architecture and Construction clients, we also offer Building Inspection, Project Management and Development Management Services. These complement our core services in order to provide you with a one-stop-shop service.

Inspection Services

Generally recommended when buying a property, a Pre Purchase Inspection will capture any defects, maintenance issues, services checks, moisture issues and pests in the property. An in-depth report is produced that will identify all existing issues.

A Due Dilligence report is recommended prior to undertaking any design or construction works on an existing property. This type of report is generally recommended for larger or complex properties where specialised technical knowledge is required to determine the existing conditions of a property. The findings can then inform the design or construction process.

A Design feasibility analysis can be performed to identify the design potential of a site/property. This will help recognize the opportunities available with attentive consideration of existing site/building conditions.

A Dilapidation Survey is required prior to any construction and after the build has finished. This survey falls under “Protection Works” and provides protection to neighbouring properties. This includes a thorough analysis of the adjoining property’s overall condition aswell as any support members, variation in earth pressures and ground anchors. A Dilapidation Survey is also performed after construction to capture any damages as a result of construction works. All concerning defects/issues are specified in a concise report.

A construction defects report can be undertaken anytime during the build and especially at the completion of the build in order to determine defects in light of the contractual requirements. This type of inspection is separate to a formal building inspection by a building inspector/surveyor which focuses on regulatory compliance.

Project Management

Project management is a service that can be used to manage both architecture and construction with a project. Specifically it is the process of managing a project from conception through to completion with a critical focus on managing scope, time, cost, quality and risk factors for the project. Since our team have experience in all facets of design and construction life cycle, we are able to effectively manage any part of the project.

Development Management

Similar to project management, but encompassing the development life cycle, our development management service is used by our development clients to assist them in sourcing sites through to assisting with marketing, sales and leasing of their projects upon completion.

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