6 Must Know Tips When Choosing A Builder – that will save you time, stress and money!

With many Builders to choose from in Melbourne to build your luxury home, you are probably stuck thinking “but which one?” This is why we have provided you with 6 must know tips you need to know before choosing a Builder, and remember, these tips will allow for you to save time, stress and money! 


1: Check past projects

Check the builder’s portfolio of what they have built before and also check with past client’s feedback to shortlist reputable builders (including Google Reviews).



2: Pick a Builder that matches your style

Compare your shortlisted Builders to see if they have experienced in the style you are wanting to build.



3: Are they registered/insured

This can be checked through the practitioner search page on the Victorian Building Authority website: https://www.vba.vic.gov.au/tools/findpractitioner

4: The relationship with your Builder

Having a Builder that you get on with and shares your vision of your new home is essential. Ensure you are comfortable with their communication process (i.e. providing frequent updates, detailed documentation, adhering to promises and transparency with costs). 



5: Costs 

It is a good idea to see what the Builder has specified in their quotation. Many Builders exclude essential items in order to provide a competitive price only to sting you with variations once you’ve signed up.
In order to avoid these nasty surprises, it is important to know exactly what you are getting and to add everything that you need to move in, even if this increases the costs.



6: Timeframe

It is important for your Builder to build to your contract timeframes as failure to do so results in additional land holding and rental costs as well as both your expectations and experience not being met on what is meant to be an exciting adventure.



We hope that these 6 tips ensure that you find the right Builder to build your dream, luxury home. If you have any further questions, we are here to help. Please contact us on:
📧 contact@strengthgroup.com.au
📞 (03) 7019 5515

Or check out our website for more information! Strength Group: Architectural Design & Construction Company in Melbourne

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