3 Essential Things You Should Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

The common desire of all of us, when it comes to a dream home, is that it provides everything for us: from being a sanctuary like place to rest and relax to being an homely place to entertain friends and family. As exciting as it is to describe and your dream home, making it a reality can sometimes be a stressful, complicated process – especially if this is your first home build!


Designing and building a home from scratch is not as simple as it may seem to be. It is not just about choosing between timber or carpet for the floors or settling for the best paint colour, and then considering yourself done. Unfortunately, it is a little more complex than that. Everything needs to be considered from the land, planning regulations and neighbourhood character, through to the hierarchy and flow of spaces and materiality. Then there is the process of going from concept design to getting plans for permit and ultimately the construction phase. To make it a little easier for you, we have listed our top 3 essential things you should know before building your dream home to help you avoid delays, costly fixes and conflicts.



1) Set a Budget!

This should be one of the very first things you do before anything else! Your budget will be able to determine on the size, look and materiality of your home. A way to help with setting your budget is to determine the type of home you are after.


At a minimum, architecturally designed luxury homes start at $2,500 -$3,000 per square metre as these are bespoke custom made projects tailored to your individual needs. 


To help you out with numbers etc, it is recommended to have a basic plan or even a blueprint in place for what you want your dream home to look like. This way, it will be much easier to determine the square metres even before approaching a professional to see if this is the right path for you.



2) Designs, designs, designs

If you are after an aesthetically pleasing home that will last the test of time then it is highly recommended to hire an Architect that will be able to assist and supervise you throughout the entire design stage.


The design benefits of having an Architect design your dream home includes:

  • Space planning + efficiency
  • Functionality + future flexibility
  • Creativity + problem solving
  • Aesthetic style + character

Architects who are Builders (In the case of Strength Group) are not just known to creating the design, but they can also ensure that this design is the most cost and construction efficient whilst maintaining quality to ensure your money is being put to good use.



3) Materials

Quality materials are essential when building your dream home. Not only do you want to choose materials that are aesthetically pleasing, but you want to choose materials that are going to durable over the life of the building. And remember, you get for what you pay for! Quality materials are essential for quality results.

The importance of quality material include:


The combination of these factors guarantees that, when constructing elements, for example, walls, every component is working together to guarantee the highest quality of the result.


Remember, the most beneficial means to decide materials that suit your requirements is by analysing the stability, maintenance, aesthetics, and cost of each material. (For more information on material selection, stay tuned for our next weeks blog “6 Things to Consider While Choosing The Materials For Your Dream Home”).


We hope that this information becomes helpful for you when you decide to take the leap into designing and building your dream home. Time, effort, and planning is needed to create the home of your dreams. You have one shot at this, so you are going to want to do it right!


After further advice and assistance for designing and building your dream home?

If you are after further advice and assistance for designing and building your dream home, we are only a phone call/email away!

With our combined experience of 40 years, designing and building homes is of nature to us. So let us educate or show you how we can make this process fun, affordable and stress free for you.

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