3 Common Questions Asked By Our Clients That Can Assist You In Building Your Luxury Home

Building your dream, luxury home can be both the most exciting and possibly most stressful time of your life. To ensure that everything is executed to perfection, it is essential to have all your questions answered before going ahead with any planning. That is why we have answered 3 common questions that each of our clients have asked us in the past. If you feel like you have any other questions beyond the ones listed, feel free to contact us on (03) 7019 5515.


1: Do you design and build on sloping sites and other difficult blocks?

Yes, we do. Our team has had experience building on several different site types across greater Melbourne. Therefore, no matter the site constraint, we can work with you to try and come up with a solution to meet your needs.



2: What are Strength Group’s sustainability standards in your designs?

All Strength Group homes meet the minimum 6-star energy standard. We work closely with specialist sustainability consultants to produce higher star rated homes. This is accomplished by incorporating industry leading sustainability initiatives that are also sensitive to our client’s budgets.



3: What warranties do you provide?

Along with a 90-day defects liability period under Contract, our Domestic Building Insurance provides you a warranty cover of 2 years to fix non-structural defects and 6 years to fix structural defects after the completion of your home. Australian Consumer Law further stipulates that implied warranties are attached to a property up to 10 years from completion.



If you feel like you have any other questions beyond the ones listed, feel free to contact us on:
📧 contact@strengthgroup.com.au
📞 (03) 7019 5515

Or check out our website for more information! Strength Group: Architectural Design & Construction Company in Melbourne

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