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The desire to own an individual home in a close-knit neighborhood at Melbourne where you have the authority of the property, but probably you may not want the ache to look around the maintenance of the outer space. At STRENGTH GROUP, we build townhouse where the best of these two worlds of your wishes, coincide

Our Townhouse Features

For new home buyers and retirees in Melbourne, townhomes are affluent as they cost much less than single home properties. Due to the sharable-walls features where homes stand adjacent, the per head cost of utility billing reduces. Features like Maximum tax deduction and minimum future maintenance make townhouses in Melbourne a desirable alternative to stand-alone properties.

You need not pull weeds on the weekends, trim down shrubs, or maw the lawn.

Townhomes offer you a little front and backyard to own, but you need not look after its maintenance as it is well taken care of by Homeowners association. To maintain the uniformity of aesthetics, HOA’s association looks after it as a whole, and you have to pay a monthly penny-pinch. Since it comes under a community, it reduces the individual upkeep. You only owe to the maintain your basic interiors, while HOA’s take care of your shared property like parking lots and driveways.

As a townhouse owner, you get to live within a community canopy, a surrounding bribing a sense of security as adjacent neighbours encompass you. You can go for a vacation without any fear, with your neighbours to keep an eye on your property. You get to avail ownership on shared properties and access to recreations like gym, pool and tennis court, clubhouses, and dog parks. 

As trustable townhomes builders, we encourage working on the sustainability of the city, making Melbourne economically, socially, and sustainably more reasonable. We have accustomed the demand of building townhomes into designs, renovations, and maintenance, bringing out smart housings.
Townhomes have shared walls that resolutes to less energy consumption, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprints.

What makes us countable

We at STRENGTH GROUP, build ultraluxe townhouses in Melbourne. We work on pivoted highest quality construction and detailed craftsmanship. We build community to craft emotion for a healthy joint living.

Our affirmation feat.

Our foremost mission is to deliver townhouses across Melbourne and to ensure designs resonate client’s values. By every means, we try to restore the plan which fulfils the intent of the design and interest of the clients using premium quality construction materials. We believe quality material creates space for less facade.

Apart from quality construction, we thrive at consistency in outlook, building structure to stand natural and uncertain adversities efficiently. Our Melbourne townhouses are durable, safe taking quality components into account for inclementing deep weather conditions. We believe in good reinforcement enacting correct applications to make building structures sustainable, safe, adaptable, precise construction to avoid any usability snag.

Home embodies lives, and we add common sense to it. Our townhouses are ergonomic creations built on client’s dreams and their aspiration to own a home. We are creating spaces across Melbourne stacking lives in cascaded homes, making them viable to a walkable neighborhood, giving them a scope to superfluous living.

At strength, we aspire to build every home tangible and turn them into purposeful housing. As you sit in your dream home’s living room, we stand by our honesty, transparency, delivery, and support.

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