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At Strength Group, we strive to transform lives through our architecture brilliance. We are turning the tables in the world of infrastructure. With creating world-class smart models, we are taking a step ahead in building quality designer homes. Considering the aspects, sharp designing, liveability, efficiency, sustainability, and safety, we weave a circle of satisfaction for our clients, which makes us the best home builder in Melbourne.

Our Building Features

Considering the status quo of persisting climate change, Our team of architects infuses dynamic energy modeling.  We create an optimized and responsible quality home management system to make wise use of energy and resources. We work on biophilic infrastructures and encourage better eco-living. We are hailing high as Melbourne’s renowned home builders as we work and strategize architectures for our client’s acoustic comfort and well being simultaneously.

Our innovative technological approach in designing quality homes adds flexibility to the infrastructure’s structural and functional aspects. Our engineering excellence makes use of Predictive software, 3D- modeling and cloud collaborations in creating buildings for the future. As award winning home builders, we are consistently developing an efficient return over investment equation with the clients by executing Intelligent designing decisions in Melbourne.

Our designing architectural experts pull out a visual panorama out of the buildings, carving excellent interior sketching to the designer homes adding to the aesthetic of the infrastructure.

We create and design to blend the client’s requirements and purpose, be it domestic or commercial, to enhance their usability experience. 

Our team of architects work with you in creating peripheral tributaries to the infrastructure as scaled dimensioned landscapes elevating the tone of designer homes. We harness hardscapes, swimming pools, driveways, patios, arbors, lawns, and yard entrances. Drilling into landscape models, we start from property survey, evaluating the scopes, topographical mapping, and design a series of sketches, crypting models, finally rendering the delivery as our client’s vision shapes and solidifies.

Quality Home Builders

We don’t build you home but quality home with uncompromising standards, detailed craftsmanship within unbending quality perimeters. We are making the best use of urban infrastructural capability with un-eroded standards, which has stacked us up to the top as one of the reputed home builders in Melbourne. Starting from the quality of raw materials, leveraging designing to final deliveries and customer satisfaction, we graph 4 C’s of efficiency protocols 

Raw materials are the skeleton of the infrastructure, and we strictly follow “No Skimp” policy during the primal extraction or formulations. We collaborate with some of the best brand and supplier allies in Melbourne who deliver us premium quality raw materials as we commit you  the delivery a of quality home, class apart.

We have a squared down a cost management policy where Resource planning, Estimation of cost, Budgeting, and Cost control lies at the four vertices. we manage the finance and funding diagonally. We start with a pre-tender estimate and conclude with a neat contract sum analysis for the construction which includes risk management policy for predictive precautions against any crisis. While building quality homes, we work on getting the best return over investments for our clients in Melbourne.

We are here to deliver quality housing and a seemingly unrelated experience to our clients with quality innovations and expressiveness. We juggle our creative gigs to the extreme to build you your unique home, starting from constructions to designing. Our no filter approach in retaining originality of designs and quality gets our clients to see a satisfying creation beyond current paradigms.

As one of the quality home builders in town, we foster credibility as our most valuable asset. Our quality assurance policy, transactional transparency, brand marketing, unique strategies, Best ROI’s, after delivery client consultations, and excellent query services has bridged us up to be known as one of the trustworthy brand in quality home buildings at Melbourne.

Designer Home Builders

We build your space, and you build our moto.

You deserve a living as unique as you are, and that is what exactly we do by taking you away from the mundane, repetitive ‘one- size fits- all’ floorplans.

We create tailored, designer homes in Melbourne to fit differently into clients demanding textures that are unique, instantaneous, bespoke, and groundbreaking. We let you decide how you want to plan every nook of your space and get you into a flexible collaboration with our team of architects to help you outlining the already stocked up blueprints.

With a well-choreographed prototype, we ferry technology closer to reality in bringing you a floating virtual image of how exactly your designer home is going to look like. We map 3d project execution to let our clients go into the proximity to get a  visual raw perception of their dream home or office building.

In Melbourne, we are known for heterogeneous design amalgams creating depth over time and crafting an environment that complements your lifestyle. We blend textures, styles, and trends to abridge style and sensibility. As eccentric designer home builders, we privilege our clients into antique, contemporary, serious, and fanciful contentment.

Good is not good enough until it’s unique. Every building has its own vocabulary, and we help you to get exactly right into the accent of your functional space by creating amazing aesthetics. We customize our designs and come up with motif themes like grunge, dark, pastel, or vintage and make every pixel of your home and workspace worth of your demand.

The repercussion of designing failures are substantial. Our team of architects takes a comprehensive approach to get rid of faulty blueprints and monotonous bland designing structures. In Melbourne, clients vouch for us and find us as one of the reliable designer home builders as we have achieved the prevention of designing jargon with careful layouts, methodical planning, monitoring, and execution.

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