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As custom home builders, we go unscripted. The pleasure of building a home where you choose every element from scratch is satisfying and impeccable. Our team adapts to your demand, requisites, and taste with a creative touch to bring out your personalized one- of- it’s- kind home in Melbourne.

Our Custom Build Features

You were unsure about the robustness of a pre-built home because you were not there at the time of construction, In custom home building, we let you decide the stocks from the scratch, design of doorknobs to styling light fixtures. You get to choose the structural expressions of your walls as you want it to be, low rise,

mid-rise, or high rise. Whether you want an extra pool at the yard, a kitchen garden, a little recreation space for your children at the front, smaller dining, a more significant living area,  two dissected units under one roof. We do design optimization to your lot to complement your lifestyle and ambiance.

A custom-built home lets you decide for the future behind the screen. Our designs and plans are anti stagnant as we make sure the walls do not get constricted to your present demand only. With time, as your family expands, you can always dilate your home as our designs let the scope of every room to improve later.

Custom homes that we build for you gives you the flexibility to wisely plan into energy efficiency. We not only custom build your home in Melbourne but bring about energy-efficient home to save you money and cut down your bills. We supple the architecture where you can get extra insulations for your home if you want, a house wrap, a cool roof or air sealings, energy-efficient lighting, and appliances, which could have cost you more in upfront.

Instead of a disbanded structural panel that leads to a disintegrated hierarchy of construction, At the Strength group in Melbourne, we are custom building homes in a wholesome style. Our team handles budgeting, designing, and construction in wholesome. You don’t have to consult different parties for all the levels of construction distinctly. Our planners and designers build your custom home from floor to roof, working in sync. We ensure you a non-segregating experience as you sit back and relax!

What set us apart!

While configuring the process, we provide personalize exclusivity to every stage of construction. From framing, the lock-ups, the fittings to completions, our team of builders, and architectures work right and through to build our clients their uniquely dedicated home custom home in Melbourne.

Our assertion to customers

We are building specialists in carving out custom homes and into prodigious homemaking for years. We have a whaking experience in the real estate industry, with custom home building being one of our tempting specialties in Melbourne.

Our experience in building custom homes across Melbourne is multifaceted and fulfills all-purpose housing command. Be it multi-unit homes, single owner rentals, lofty house, or a six-pack Maisonette and adjourning landscapes, we are augmenting in voluminous constructions, delivering custom quality personalized homes successfully to our clients.
Keeping in mind the uniqueness of each construction and the veracity of a restrictive time frame, We drive our distinct team of planners, engineers, builders, designers, and architectures to mount in parallel and stack the work. Right plans and effective projective management have abled us in delivering constructions on time and budget frame. Null cost delays and No- project- overrun have helped us to ascend as well-founded custom home builders in Melbourne.

As Real estate builders, we are always open to customization and look into clients’ grievances. Apart from service delivery, we track radical inspection at every stage of construction and keep our clients updated about the proceeding making sure we are affiliating in the right direction in client satisfaction. Our services are devoted to timely performance and commitment schedules.

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